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This workshop will guide you through how to create an alphabet by hand using only a small set of basic geometric shapes.

You will be stepped through the process of development and refinement so that your letterforms feel consistent. Gradually you will design a whole alphabet and be shown how to test the letters in word combinations to expose flaws in your design to refine a consistent, usable alphabet.

Your sensitivity to letterforms, spacing and shaping of letters and words will improve to make you a better typographer and better graphic designer.

Unlike handwriting, typography is a consistent visual framework, and it is this framework that makes a typeface work effectively as a system of letters. Many designers have explored different methods of creating letters from a reduced palette of shapes or modules. This restrictive system of letters made from modules is a quick and dynamic method to build your own letter creations to allow for new and surprising letterforms to emerge.

What you'll get

All materials are provided!

what to bring

Just yourself.

If you like, a sketchbook of any ideas you might have for your letters.