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Hand embroidery is something no longer done by old ladies in their rocking chairs – it’s bringing a comeback! From erotic art, to offensive slogans sewn so innocently, hand embroidery is for every one and for every occasion. Harley & Händen has a huge range of designs to choose from, like “Don’t Be a Cunt”, a range of cactuses, “Pay Me What You Owe Me”, “Can You Not”, “Be The Flame, Not The Moth”, a heap more rude sayings, and also left overs from our Christmas and Valentine’s themed workshops!

Harley will teach you an array of different stitches and knots, and give you a booklet with all her tips, tricks and instructions for all the stitches she’ll teach you in the session so that you can easily finish it at home, and start a heap of new designs by yourself!

Check out @harleyandhanden on IG and Etsy for some examples of her work.

If you’d like to request a design or quote feel free to email harleyandhanden@hotmail.com.

What you'll get

  • All Materials Provided!

what to bring

  • BYO Drinkie-poos if you wish!!  We have wine glasses and a fridge!




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