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Hand embroidery is now making it’s ultimate come back with rude and cheeky designs that will send shivers down your lovely Ma’s spine, however this workshop may make her sigh with relief! Unlike our other embroidery classes, this one involves no naughty words, and includes a selection of 3 beautiful Australian natives.

Harley has prepped 4 wattles, 3 gum nuts and 3 kangaroo paws (first in, best dressed!) for you to choose from. She will show you 2-3 basic stitches, how to thread your needle and how to finish off the hoop so it’s ready to display! You take home 2 coloured threads, your started hoop, a needle and a tips and tricks booklet so that you guide yourself at home!

Check out @harleyandhanden on IG for some examples of her new flora embroidery.

If you’d like to request a design or quote email harleyandhanden@hotmail.com.


What you'll get

  • A choice of design template
  • Needles
  • Calico
  • Thread
  • Hoops
  • All da skillz!

what to bring

  • Drinkie-poos if you wish to drink while you craft (we’ve got glasses for wine)!


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