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People pride themselves on being busy. At times it is worn with a badge of honour and this need to constantly do has weaved its way into our social fabric. The reality is that being in this constant state of ‘busy’ completely crushes any creative inspiration.

Our creative juices flow when we are completely relaxed and in the moment. For this to happen there needs to be space. If we slow down and practice being still we are allowing space for our creative pause and it is here that our creative juices flow. Within this space we become aware of our inner critic (the one that sits on our shoulder and tells us what we are doing is rubbish) with a non-judgemental awareness and can foster our creative passions.

Come along to this mindfulness workshop and unlock your creativity!

What you'll get

·         Be guided through a series of short meditations in a calm and peaceful environment

·         Learn how to slow down and be still and be open to creativity.

·         Learn basic tools that will allow you to meditate at home and with ease.

·         Learn how to tune into your body and your mind with awareness.

what to bring

Just bring yourself!