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The applications of mindfulness are far and wide. One such application is to increase creativity. Mindfulness for creativity involves a host of skills to quiet the mind of self-limiting thoughts, stories and negative self-judgment, opening up more room for new and better ideas.

Mindfulness changes the way your brain works and enables you to encourage the right parts of your brain to work at the right time, leading to increased clarity, insight, focus and perspective.

Living mindfully means learning to be present, in the moment, seeing each moment with openness, acceptance and curiosity, rather than listening to the stories our mind creates about our experience.

This workshop will focus on experiential exercises that participants can take away and implement themselves to increase creativity.


Golden the Exhibition is a charity art show in support of Australian Youth Mental Health Foundation headspace. The one-night-only event grants us the opportunity to come together and both support some incredible creative talent, and again open the discussion surrounding mental health.

Work-Shop is proud to be a primary partner and host of the event, which is taking place on Friday 25th September.

$5 from every ticket sold for the ‘Golden’ Workshops will be donated to headspace 🙂

Find out more about the exhibition at www.goldentheexhibition.com

What you'll get

Learn some valuable tools that can be used to quieten the mind of self-limiting thoughts, and open up more room for new and better ideas.

what to bring

Just yourself!