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Soothe your soul and express your emotions through creativity. In this mixed media workshop with artist Paloma Ellery, you’ll learn techniques & practices to use art as a form of expression and therapy.

Explore activities and techniques which are designed to allow the mind to expand, enabling conscious and subconscious emotions and feelings to arise in a physical manifestation of art. Exploring the theme of nothing lasts forever, you’ll get your hands dirty, and play with a wide range of materials to experiment with. Be guided through various activities to create an artwork that is symbolic of your emotions, feelings, and beliefs. The aim of this session is not to create a masterpiece, but to use creativity as means to process, navigate emotion, and practice self-care.

Bring a mate (or a date) and score ten bucks off each ticket!

What you'll get

  • Expert guidance from a practicing artist
  • All art supplies and materials provided
  • A cathartic experience to express feeling & emotion through drawing/painting/art 
  • A mixed media canvas to take home which is a symbolic representation of your emotions
  • Wine!

what to bring

  • An open mind


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