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Meditation is one of the most valuable and rewarding things you can add to you life; everyone can do it and the results are marvellous and revolutionary. Of course there are many pathways into meditation, and in this class run by yoga & meditation teacher Jemma Masters, we will discuss different techniques and find a practice (or practices) that will suit you best.

Jemma will blend together theory and practice drawn from the meditation traditions of the yoga system and Buddhism to give you a greater depth and understanding of Meditation, helping you to develop a daily practice that is not only enriching, but highly enjoyable as well!

What you'll get

Learn simple ways to incorporate meditation into your everyday life, plus the added bonus of feeling happier, less stressed and more energised!

Notes on meditation theory and some Japa Mala beads to keep

Herbal tea

what to bring

Just yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes


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