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Ever felt that you are living life mindlessly? Over the last few years when you see the word ‘mindfulness’ it’s often accompanied by the image of a mandala and that’s usually on the front of a colouring book. But what is mindfulness and how can it actually benefit you, your health, your life and your relationships?
Mindfulness is a therapy technique that can help you overcome challenges including stress and anxiety. In this workshop through creativity you will learn what mindfulness actually is, some quick and simple techniques that will help you to practise it as well as different styles of mandalas and what they have to do with mindfulness.
By mastering this technique you will find yourself less stressed, less anxious as well as more present in your life and relationships. (Who doesn’t want that?) You will leave the workshop not only empowered with new knowledge but a few pieces of art including your own mandala.

What you'll get

  • Various art and craft materials to create your unique mandala artwork

what to bring

  • Curiosity, and an open mind
  • A dash of courage and a willingness to play


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