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As part of Work-Shop Makery’s programme of activities and events on the theme of Upcycling in the month of June, we are delighted to have our neighbours at Spunky Bruiser host an event around ethical approaches to making and living.

Enjoy a wholesome local market procured dinner whilst hearing a casual and insightful discussion lead by Bex Frost and Christian Olea of Spunky Bruiser and Soto Smith labels on what it’s really like to follow your passions and make a living from it as ethically as possible. Participants will hear about what has inspired the choices Bex and Christian have made and some of the hurdles that can be expected in handmade small business. Questions welcome and discussion encouraged -with 9 years experience and heads full of high ideals there will be plenty to talk about.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Leila Lutz from Momentum For Life will treat you to a wholesome delicious meal. Purchased directly from local Farmers Markets and prepared nutritionally for you to enjoy, Leila will share with you her approach to preparing quick, sustainable and nourishing food to give you all the support and energy you need to keep being a busy maker.

Keep up to date with the event via the Facebook Event Page.

What you'll get

Inspired discussion and a scrumptious meal.

what to bring

Note pad and pen