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Tender, delicious bacon made by your own hands? Yes, please. Adrian MacGeraghty of BaconSmith – known for their excellent DIY bacon making kits – is here to school you on the intricacies of creating everyone’s favourite breakfast fare. You’ll learn how to transform pork from belly to bacon, what exactly curing means, and the science behind the process.

Personalise your pork with a plethora of flavours like sriracha hot sauce, bourbon and coffee. There will be plenty of salty samples for you to savour the various flavours. At the end of the class, you’ll create your own flavour for your bacon and take that little piggy all the way home. You’ll be hamming it up with rations of rashers for breakfasts to come.

What you'll get

  • Bacon tastings
  • Workshop notes including tips and tricks
  • Piece of prepared pork belly to personalise & finish off curing at home.

what to bring

  • Taste buds prepped to be amazed!


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