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Design, shape and finish your own cruiser or longboard in this 4 hour workshop.

We’ll explore skateboard design history & techniques, safe use of hand tools and learn about small-scale manufacturing techniques as well as simple yet effective art practices, some small-business theory & experiences, and thoughts on quality, life, love and skateboarding.

The feeling of accomplishment and connection you get from designing, shaping and riding a board you’ve created is a pretty special one, the skills you gain can be applied to many areas of life and living.

Participants will leave with their own custom made board ready for you to attach trucks and wheels…and ride!(Trucks and wheels will be available to purchase from your teacher at a discounted rate.)

Suitable for beginners, just show up and we’ll guide you through the process!

What you'll get

  • Skateboard Deck Materials to shape.
  • Artwork Materials.

what to bring

  • Closed in Shoes essential!


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