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If you like your meals to punch you in the face, this is the workshop for you. Spend two and a half hours in a hands-on class crafting your very own hot sauces from scratch. We’ll make two flavours: Big Red and Mean Green. Big Red contains red chilli, bay leaves, red capsicum and garlic. Mean Green is packed full of green chilli, green capsicum, ginger and coriander.

Join other benign masochists in a quest for the most eye-watering, face-reddening, scorpion-simulating hot sauce this side of hell. Using fresh, quality ingredients with no added fillers, additives or preservatives, you’ll create a piquant pair for making every meal Vesuvius. Spicy.

What you'll get

  • All ingredients supplied
  • Two hot sauce bottles to take home!

what to bring

  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife


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