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Handsome Devils Co. sauce creator Ryan Brown is hitting the road headed for Melbs to share his hot sauce making knowledge with y’all.

Curiously crafted by Australian gentlemen, Handsome Devils Co. are pioneering a new path in quality condiments and spices. All products are made with no added sugar, preservatives or flavours.  They are all natural and all flavour.

You’ll be shown how to make an all natural hot sauce, plus get heaps of tastings and icy cold beers to wash it all down! Perfect for heat/flavour enthusiasts, and chilli growers out there!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get inside the head of an epic flavour creator!

What you'll get

  • A bottle of Handsome Devils Co. sauce
  • A bottle of sauce created on the night.
  • Hot Sauce tastings and snacks to keep you going

what to bring

  • Your love for all things hawt and handsome 😉


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