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Vision boards can have a bit of a bad rap, conjuring up images of of waffly, Instagram motivation quotes over pictures of sunsets, collages of “dream cars” and people who spend waaaaay too much time on Pinterest.

This has fuck all to do with that.

This session is about setting yourself some clear goals for the year ahead (so you don’t do exactly what we’ve done this year and gone “oh shit, is it December again ALREADY?”) You’ll then create an awesome piece of visual art- collaged with everything that makes your little heart sing. Hang it on your wall, to be staring you in the face when you are ordering Uber Eats yet again, when you know you should be saving money to throw in your holiday funds. Motivating, no?

What you'll get

  • All materials- a base piece of paper to create your collage, glue, scissors, markers and lots more fun creative stuff to play with
  • Magazines and pictures a plenty to create your collage
  • Templates and workbooks on goal setting and planning
  • A glass of wine on arrival to get us loose and in the mood for some creating
  • Some pumping tunes in the background to keep the vibes going

what to bring

  • Any images, magazines, photos etc that scream “I want this to be my life in 2019!” so you can include it in your collage
  • Your mates


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