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What the world needs now is magic, sweet magic. Get the chance to try your sleight of hand and befuddle their muggle pals. Forget spells, wands and smoke machines  – in this magic artistry class, you’ll get the inside scoop on becoming the ultimate trickster. Whether your weapon of choice is coins or cards, this class will both surprise and entertain and help you to confuse your mates with the flick of a finger. Not for the muggle- minded, this hands-on workshop will teach you easy but impressive tricks to perform at parties, bars and social situations. The tricks range from advanced to beginner, all require some practice but are not hard to master.

Learn the following to dazzle your friends and family:

  • Get someone to pick a card and you find it
  • Learn a bet where you are guaranteed to win every time
  • Read people’s mind
  • Learn how to make someone pick a certain card
  • Predict the future
  • Make a glass of liquid appear from your sleeve and more

What you'll get

  • Handout with the tricks to practice at home
  • A deck of cards

what to bring

  • 6 coins all of the same value
  • A button up long sleeve shirt, cardigan, or zip up hoodie


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