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The ancient art of paper folding (Origami) not only creates objects of great beauty but also the possibility of expansion and contraction. Think large structures folding up for transportation or for squeezing into tiny spaces. Mathematics describes these geometric patterns for folding. This is the science of Origami Sekkei where 2D flatness becomes 3D form.

The Lumifold workshop involves making beautiful paper lamps utilizing Origami Sekkei techniques as a way of integrating art and design with mathematics and engineering.

In this workshop you will learn about concepts and applications of folding including biomimicry (borrowing ideas from nature), engineering (thinking about strength and stability), origami (traditional cultures) and scientific innovation.

What you'll get

All materials for this workshop will be supplied.

You will make two Lumifold lamps using pre-scored paper templates. The first will be a wall sconce and the second will be a free-standing lamp. We call these structures the Lumisconce and the Lumifive.

what to bring

This is a BYO class so, if you fancy a tipple, please feel free to bring along whatever you would like to drink. We have a fridge and glassware that you are welcome to use.


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