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Do you have a baby or young children and often wonder about the chemicals you’re using on their bodies? I know I used to, but I also thought there wasn’t an alternative and I even convinced myself it was ok because everyone else was doing it.

Please join us for a fun, relaxed and informative workshop where you will learn about some of the harmful chemicals in everyday baby products. Mum, Dads, Grandparents and future parents all welcome (or really just anyone that likes the idea of using non toxic products with kiddos). You will discover how easy it is to swap some of those out and even make your own. You will walk away with more awareness and knowledge as well as three non toxic products hand made and personalised by you.

  • A Baby hair and body bath wash
  • A coughs and cold chest rub
  • A non-toxic hand sanitiser (handy for hands but also to wipe down trolleys,, changing tables etc.)

As well as this you will also receive a handy booklet with lots of info and recipes to continue making your own beautiful non toxic products.

Since I began learning about essential oils I have been empowered to take charge of my household and my families wellbeing. I have discovered some scary things about the every day products we all use in our homes and probably most of our mothers used. Mums of today are moving towards less toxic households and for the better! Join us to make some very simple, but cost effective and powerful changes in your home today.


What you'll get

  • A better understanding of the toxic load in your home and in the products you use.
  • A small booklet with info from the workshop
  • Awesome easy recipes to try out at home.
  • Handmade and personalised products – baby hair and body wash – coughs and colds chest rub – non-toxic hand sanitiser. 

what to bring

  • Nothing except any questions you have and an open mind


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