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Do you find yourself scrolling through social media feeds, comparing your body to toned and tanned insta-celebs’, only to come away feeling like an ugly slug? Are you critical and judgmental of the way you look? For too long we’ve used screens as mirrors, constantly measuring natural aesthetics against the artificial and diminishing our self-worth. But what if you treated yourself as you would a lover – with kindness, patience, generosity and love? What if you were comfortable in your own beautiful skin? Body shame and self-criticism prevent many women from feeling relaxed and at ease with their sexuality, and this class is here to turn that paradigm on its head.
Using the ancient Eastern spiritual practice of tantra, you’ll learn to cherish and treasure your body, no matter the size, shape, colour or age. Tantra removes the comparative aspect and leaves you able to examine and listen to your body without judgment, jealousy, despair or inadequacy. Harnessing mindfulness, meditation, and introspection, we’ll journey together in search of our authentic selves in a supportive and inclusive environment. Turn down the volume of your chattering mind and engage with the wisdom of your wonderful body. Through tantric and mindfulness practices, visualisations, heartfelt support and sharing, this class will help you connect with your body and love yourself as you are. Transform your form from foe to friend: it’s the only one you’ve got.

What you'll get

  • Tools to stop the constant body shame chatter
  • The ability to listen to your body wisdom
  • Self-compassion exercises
  • Home-play practices to reconnect, accept and love your body

what to bring

  • An open mind, comfortable clothing and your beautiful self


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