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This workshop covers all things ANALOGUE, Lomo’INSTANT & LOMOGRAPHY. From Beginners to those who already have a camera and want to learn more. We will develop a deeper understanding of how light sensitive materials works. We will look at great plastic camera images and find out how they were made.

Together, we will take you through a hands-on demonstration of the different creative ways to make your pictures work for you. Covering long exposures, multiple exposures, film types, light leaks, scanning and getting the best out of your photography. Discussing all things ‘Instant image’ with the Lomo’Instant and the different effects achieved with interchangeable lenses & Accessories.

Put down you iPhone and really share images in an instant with the person next to you!

What you'll get

  • Lomo’Instant cameras to play with (and buy if you like)
  • Pack of Lomo’Instant cards with tips and tricks

what to bring

  • Your analogue camera
  • Any of your fave film shots to show ‘n’ tell!