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Living jewellery is our fresh new workshop where we teach you the intricate art of creating living jewellery!  Take home a pendant and succulent ring that you can wear and enjoy for up to a month then you can plant your succulents in your garden! During the workshop we will teach you how to prepare your succulents and grow them for jewellery, craft your jewellery, how to look after your jewellery and also plant your jewellery after its use. The skills you acquire in this workshop you will be able to reproduce at home and create end- less living wearable pieces of art.

What you'll get

  • Pendant base, chain and ring base
  • Succulents for jewellery
  • mosses / lichens for jewellery
  • information booklet to take home about living jewellery

what to bring

  • Be prepared to get your hands dirty!


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