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Lithography is a unique printmaking medium that is based on the principle that oil and water repel one another. Unlike many other printmaking mediums, lithography is a chemical process, which incorporates direct drawing techniques to produce beautiful prints with a unique aesthetic.

This workshop presents a new take on the lithography medium, providing participants with a quick, non-toxic and simplified method of creating lithographic prints using basic household materials. Participants will be shown the lithography process, with an opportunity to create prints of their own on our baby etching press, or by hand-inking. Lithography Basics is a versatile print medium that can be combined with other printmaking processes, drawing and watercolour.

This process is highly experimental, and participants are encouraged to bring along an open mind and a willingness to embrace the “happy accidents”. This workshop is also MESSY so wear something that you don’t mind getting a little ink on, or bring along an apron.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided to use during the workshop
  • One on one advise from a highly trained printmakers
  • A folio of prints made by you!


what to bring

  • Nothing but an open mind and a creative spirit!


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