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Treat yourself (or someone special) to a luxurious session of self-care and creativity. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about natural lipstick and chocolate formulation.

We’ll start the session by diving into the main ingredient and star of the show, cocoa butter. Extracted from the cocoa bean, this luxurious butter is the cornerstone of chocolate and is frequently used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

After running through some theory, it’s time to make some delicious treats! You’ll get the low down on melting and mixing chocolate and get a foolproof recipe that you can customise and adapt, as well as learn how all the ingredients work together and the importance of each. After pouring, we’ll have a range of tasty toppings to add some pizazz & flavour.

While your chocolate is setting, we’ll move on to our lipstick formulation. You’ll learn how to correctly formulate and mix ingredients, pigment selection & sourcing, pouring, and setting. We’ll have a range of coloured pigments for you to choose from and you’ll make enough for five lipstick tubes of your formula.

Leave this class with the confidence and skills to continue making your own chocolate and lipstick for years to come!

All ingredients used are Fair Trade and/or organic, and all packaging is 100% plastic free. Participants will make 5 lipsticks in a single colour, and are welcome to swap with others at the end of the workshop to come away with a range of colours, or save their creations to share with loved ones.

What you'll get

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of cocoa butter
  • Customisable take-home recipes
  • Your own vegan chocolates
  • 5 luscious new lipsticks

what to bring

  • Notebook and pen


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