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In this introductory class you will be shown examples of linocut, learn the basic skills and process involved to produce your own work, including techniques for transcribing drawings or photographs into relief prints without a press. You will be given a comprehensive starter kit with tools to carve into the lino, plus ink and a brayer to print the image (many times over if desired)!

This entertaining and practical demonstration of DIY printmaking is a very useful tool for reproducing artwork and encourages creativity.  You’ll leave feeling like a confident printmaker, with beautiful pieces to take home!

What you'll get

  • Students will be provided with a full lino equipment (kits contain lino, a set of cutters, roller, ink and palette knife)
  • Ink, cutting tools, brayer, spatula, double sided mat and paper

what to bring

  • Inspiration images!  Black and white photo or drawing to turn into a print, if desired
  • An apron (things can get quite messy)


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