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Create something unique for yourself or personalise a gift for a friend! The art of leather stamping involves imprinting leather with metal stamps and a hammer or mallet to create a pattern, text or picture.

In this hands-on class with Beth Newton, you will get the chance to experiment with stamping your own designs as well as learning the basics of cutting, shaping, staining and assembling your creations.

And of course, at the end of the class you will take home a collection of your very own handmade pieces, such as luggage tags, key chains and bracelets!

What you'll get

  • Learn how to cut and shape leather
  • Learn how to use a hammer and stamping tools to create a design
  • Try your hand at dyeing leather
  • Have a go at making luggage tags, key chains and bracelets!

what to bring

  • Pen and paper if you want to sketch ideas or take notes


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