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Drums are a RIDICULOUSLY fun instrument that should be played by ANYONE interested- of any age, gender, and with any level of experience.Ā 

This workshop is designed to encourage anyone who hasĀ ever been or is currently interested in learning to play drums, to give it a go! Absolutely no experience is required!

We will cover the key basic points of what playing drums is about, from how to correctly hold your drum sticks, how to read basic notation to how to play a rock beat and simple groove.

What you'll get

~ A summary of the workshop, material covered and some exercises to take home and work on.

~ Tips on practicing (with or without drum kit!)

~A set of drum sticks per studentĀ to use in class

~ A list of key drummers, songs and influential drumbeats to listen to

what to bring

~Note taking paper, if you wish to take notes

~Ear plugs if you have particularly sensitive hearing- (it wonā€™t get too loud though.)


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