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The Sunday evening blues has become like an old friend that turns up at the end of a great weekend. This feeling of being stuck and dissatisfied has been bubbling within for some time. From the outside looking in some may say you’ve got it all going on but you find yourself questioning whether what you now have is making you happy.

You don’t have all the answers on what the future should look like but you know the current state is no longer an option. Happiness for you manifests in a lifestyle. A lifestyle driven by passion, flexibility, positive impact, connection and exploration.

You’re ready to create change that makes you jump out of bed each day but you need a kindred spirit to help you create the space for clarity and turn the fog of ideas into a meaningful plan of action.

Leap Into A Career You Love is a proven transformative workshop dedicated to kick starting a plan that will move you towards your happy. We will work the overwhelm and ideas and turn them into a simple strategy supported by tangible actions. You will walk away buzzing and empowered to start building your possible the next day.

What you'll get

Learn simple tactics to:

  • overcome the fear associated with making a career leap
  • clarify what your leap could look like and the options available
  • kick start your leap the very next day
  • connect with like minds to support you in your leap

what to bring

  • A notepad/laptop to take notes


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.