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Are you thinking about leaving your day job to pursue your creative business full time? Have you already left your job and need some tips to get more clients and customers? Do you already have a thriving business but are looking for inspiration and motivation to keep working at it? If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

During this workshop I will teach you how to launch your own creative business over six detailed modules.

Firstly, we’ll look at branding and how you can design a logo, select your brand colours, create your brand identity, share your brand story and stay on track with your brand values as your business grows. We’ll then take a look at money and how you can ensure you’re budgeting with the purpose of growing your business, as well as pricing your products and services properly. Following this we’ll dive deep into marketing your new business, with a strong focus on how social media, newsletters and blog posts can generate more customers and clients for your business.

We’ll then focus on your clients and customers and take a look at the tools you need to ensure your customer is having a seamless experience. We’ll share our tips and advice for ensuring your photography, packaging and website is on point, and a true reflection of your brand – this is where we show you how to keep, and maintain, loyal customers and clients.

We then move to the pointy end of launching your creative business and help you create a launch timeline, a launch strategy as well as content that see’s you through for a pre-launch, launch and post-launch. And finally, we look at the most important aspect of launching, your post-launch, and how you plan to keep the momentum going. This includes social proof, collaborations and mentors.

This workshop is for people who have an idea and need help launching their creative business to market. Even if you have already launched, you will walk away from this workshop with the necessary strategies, tips and advice that you can implement at any stage of your creative business – even for new products or services you could be introducing to your customers and clients this year.

What you'll get

  • Students will walk away with the tools they need to launch their creative business. They will feel armed, inspired, motivated and ready to make their idea a reality, and take their business to the next level.

what to bring

  • Students are encouraged to bring their laptop or a notebook and pen to write notes. Their happiness, positive and willingness to learn and share their experiences is a must. Students are also more than welcome to bring their business cards or products (if they have any) to share and seek feedback with other creatives around the class.


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