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My passion is helping people to get their dream job. I have been helping people with employment skills for many years. I have coordinated and taught on 25 government-funded courses for the unemployed, many of them migrants from non-native English speaking backgrounds.

I have borrowed techniques from many areas, including TV broadcaster training, somatic psychotherapy, yoga movements, to name a few, to give job candidates techniques to ramp up their confidence, calmness and sense of being grounded before an interview.

I am also an expert in resume writing and can assess and improve people’s resumes to ramp them up to a whole new level (without inventing any resume fiction!)

What you'll get

  • Handout of useful job interview tips and resume writing tips plus a blank template that can be filled in to create a draft resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Series of physical and vocal exercises for calmness, confidence and a resonant voice

what to bring

  • Pen and paper
  • Copy of your current CV