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Discover the art of the Kokedama and elevate your plant game to new heights in our immersive plant workshop in Melbourne. Say goodbye to mundane pots as we teach you the secrets of crafting sleek and stylish Kokedamas. These Japanese “Moss Balls” are not only visually stunning but also perfect for small indoor plants, allowing you to bring greenery into any space, no matter how limited.

During this hands-on workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to create two personalized Kokedamas to take home. Our expert instructors will guide you through every step, from mixing your own soil and cultivating moss to selecting the perfect plants, assembling your creations, and providing essential care tips. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to ensure your mossy-balls thrive and endure, making them a beautiful addition to your plant collection.

Whether you’re a plant mama, a beginner with a budding passion for plants, or a seasoned green thumb, this workshop is designed for everyone. Unleash your creativity, learn the art of Kokedama, and take a tangible piece of natural beauty home with you.

Join us at Melbourne’s premier plant workshop and embrace the enchanting world of Kokedamas. Book your spot now and let your green thumb flourish!

What you'll get

Two kokedamas that you’ll make in class

All materials and plants included

Knowledge on making a good-looking, healthy and long-lasting kokedama!


what to bring

The desire to get your hands dirty!

Persistance, as it can be a bit tricky at first.


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.