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As part of our workshop series for beginners, our Kokedama workshop s is a fantastic way to pick up and learn some new gardening skills!

Below is what you can expect to learn from the workshop

1. We introduce you to species of succulents and indoor plants from our wide local selection use for your kokedamas.

2.We teach you how to create mixtures and mediums for succulents and indoor plants so they are successful in your kokedama.

3.We teach and demonstrate techniques in creating kokedama ( Weaving, neat twine)

By going through these key processes you will be equipped with the tools to

create your own kokedamas with various styles at home easily and keep them healthy seasonally and long term.

What you'll get

  • Kokedama handbook with everything you need to know from the class which will be emailed out prior to the workshop

  • 2x plants to choose from to make your kokedamas.

  • growing materials ( mosses, soil mixtures )

  • twine, rope for finishing the kokedama and making macramé hangers

what to bring

  • Your green thumb


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.