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This class is designed to give beginner knitters a flying start. Using a circular knitting needle and chunky wool students can create a beanie in a few hours and discover the joys of a mindful and ancient craft.
Through the process of creating their beanie, students will learn to cast on, knit and purl, create stockinette and garter stitch and decrease stitches to shape the crown of the beanie.
Mastered the basics already? The class will also provide opportunities for embellishing and personalising beanies by adding different stitch options, pom-poms and embroidery.

What you'll get

  • A circular knitting needle
  • One ball of chunky yarn
  • A wooden yarn gauge
  • A knitting-themed project bag
  • Notes and instructions
  • Information about how to create embellishments including pom-poms, duplicate stitch, embroidery, knitted flowers and leaves.
  • Morning tea

what to bring

-Just yourself!


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