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Knitting is one of the most versatile, practical and fun textile crafts to learn. Not only is it super easy to learn and build your skills, but its also a great social activity. Once you’ve learned the basics and built up some confidence, you can make anything from dishcloths and scarves, to intricate sweaters and socks. The options are endless!

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners, who are curious about the craft but have yet to pick up a pair of needles.

We’ll learn the basic stitches (knitting, purling, garter stitch, stockinette stitch and ribbing), as well as how to cast on and off; so we can send you on your merry way with a new skill and all the tools you need to finish your first project!

What you'll get

As part of the workshop you will receive:

  • A pair of wooden knitting needles
  • One ball of chunky yarn
  • A hand-printed project bag
  • Notes and instructions

what to bring

  • BYO Wine is more then welcome! (we have glasses)


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