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Frankie Magazine are bringing their mate dates series to Sydney for the first time, and guess what… it’s at Work-Shop! Think of it as a welcome excuse to hang out with pals, and meet some friendly new faces while you’re at it.

Expect lots of puzzles (so nice you’ll want to frame them), drinks and quality time with tip-top people.

The jigsaw puzzles come courtesy of the talented lasses at Okay Lady, whose illustrations are exclusively designed by female artists. The creative bunch are all about encouraging you to make some quality time for yourself by disconnecting from the hecticness of everyday life. And what better way than to get stuck into a puzzle with pals?

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What you'll get

  • gorgeous puzzles by Okay Lady to blissfully put together over a couple of hours with rad people and a couple of drinkies. Amaze.

what to bring

  • We have free BYO for all our events so take advantage of that!
  • Your mates