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Dive into the savory world of Japanese fermentation and discover the ancient techniques that transform simple ingredients into umami-rich treasures.

We’ll begin with the intriguing world of koji, the mold that’s the cornerstone of many Japanese delicacies to make your very own Miso from scratch. You’ll master the process of preparing soybeans and unlocking the full potential of koji’s health benefits. Then, its time to get pounding as you learn to throw down your miso to deoxidize before shaping your miso. The best part? You’ll carry a piece of the tradition home with your very own ceramic pot brimming with miso that will mature into robust flavors over time.

But the fun doesn’t stop at miso. You’ll roll up your sleeves to craft Tsukemono, the vibrant pickled delights that are staples at Japanese tables. Translated to “pickled things”  these tasty treats are more than just sides; they’re a cultural foray into the simplicity and elegance of Japanese cuisine. Learn to pickle a variety of fresh vegetables, creating perfect pairs for meals and drinks.

By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with the skills to continue fermenting at home, a batch of your homemade miso, and a treasure trove of knowledge in an ebook filled with recipes and variations to experiment with.

What you'll get

  • All ingredients provided
  • A ceramic pot and jar to take your fermented goods home in
  • An ebook filled with everything covered as well as additional recipes for altering flavour profiles!

what to bring

  • An apron 🙂


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