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In this 3 hour Japanese Brushstroke workshop students will work with watercolour and watered acrylics on paper and canvas.  This workshop is a wonderful step towards mastering the brush whether with calligraphy or beautiful creatures, flowers and landscapes.

I use this technique when I paint in Watercolour as it guarantees a beautiful loose effect. This workshop will be so much fun, as you create your own artworks on paper and a final piece on canvas.  This is the class my students seem to have a huge smile on their faces when they realise that with the right brushes, just how easy it is to create wonderful images they can be proud of.

This is also the experience that seems to make students want to continue on with learning all about magical watercolours.

What you'll get

  • my knowledge and tuition for 3 hours

  • Quality brushes, paper, and materials provided throughout the class

  • A portfolio of works made by you in various sizes including a canvas.

what to bring

  • willingness to experiment


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