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Bonsai is a living art form that has been practised in Asia for nearly 1,700 years. ┬áTravel to Asia to learn and get a hands-on lesson on┬áthis ancient art form… without having to leave Sydney!

Growing and maintaining bonsai is a very rewarding and calming hobby. Most Bonsai trees can outlive any human if properly cared for. A tree for a lifetime; it is an art form that grows with you and transcends generations.

In this workshop, Evan will teach you the secrets of Bonsai and learn how to create and maintain them. You will walk away with a completed Bonsai that (with the right care) will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on this epic experience!

What you'll get

  • A bonsai tree, pot and other necessities such as soil and aluminium wires for styling.
  • Various tools will be provided for using in the workshop.

what to bring

  • Yourself, and that beautiful smile of yours!


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