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Learn about the art of batik, a traditional Indonesian wax resist method of dyeing with natural indigo. In this course you will get hands-on experience using different ways of creating batik resists with traditional tjantings, brushes and stamps . You will get to dye your unique piece of fabric in the class indigo vat and learn how to produce different shades of indigo blue in the one sample to create depth in your chosen design.

Each student gets to take home their finished piece of batik fabric that is already hemmed, ready to hang up, wear as a bandana or use for another project, plus knowledge to continue at home.

What you'll get

All materials provided including fabric, bandanas, wax, paint brushes, tjatings, heating pots and indigo dye

what to bring

A drawing, design or idea which is 1-3 colours.

Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dye on.


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