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Over 35,000 years ago humans blew pigment over their own hands to leave a trace of it on the walls of caves and stencil art was born! With the rise of artists like Banksy and Sheppard Fairey, stencil art is one of the most common techniques used by street artists today. Using stencils is a great way to create reproducible images that can be applied swiftly to flat surfaces so they have truly found their calling in the graffiti world.

In this workshop you will explore all the fundamentals of this fun artform from Sydney based street artist CAMO.

You will learn all the basics necessary to create your very own stencil art at home.

  • Copy black shadows onto clear plastic sheets
  • Cut out shadows learning specific cutting techniques
  • Spray can control, layering and different nozzles
  • Create single layer stencils from photos, on your computer at home

What you'll get

  • Masks, gloves, knives, mats and markers
  • A3 canvas to immortalise your art for the wall at home
  • Spray paint

what to bring

  • A printed image of your choosing. Not essential however as we have a collection of images ready to use.


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