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Have you lost track of things? Do you feel like you are doing more than ever? Do you feel like you need to unwind?

Perhaps it is performance art that your world has been missing. Don’t be satisfied by just watching it or talking about it, but make it – with us. Do it just for you (and well, a little audience at the end, but we don’t need to worry about that yet..). Get ready to perform, dance and think in fresh ways, to see the world anew!

These two workshops are preparation for Performance Space’s We The People program as part of the Liveworks festival of Experimental Art. Material learned in the workshops will be performed by participants with David and Emma for audiences on the weekend of the 29 and 30 October.

What you'll get

  • An introduction to performance art, and learn how you can be a part of it
  • The opportunity to perform with David and Emma on Oct 29th and 30th!

what to bring

  • Yourself and an open mind!


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