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Learn how to make beautiful hand-made paper.

Use recycled office waste, raw cotton from Wee Waa cotton industry, flowers and colour to make beautiful stationery!

In this class you will learn how to prepare your pulp, pull sheets of paper, press and dry them.

You will also learn how to add seeds for gift tags or try embossing your wet paper and find out about natural sizing ingredients to enhance the papers quality. The ideas for using the paper you make is endless!

When you make hand made paper you think of all the stationery you can create, but what else. Well there is something special about light and hand made paper. Some papers can be quite translucent while others textured yet strong. As an addition to our paper Making workshop we show you how to pull a sheet of paper that is filled with waves of cotton to create a marbling effect, or you can use an embossed piece of the paper and carve along the design to cut that design to show light through. After making your paper, we are adding this lovely project where you’re provided with a glass tea light cover, the LED light for inside and the paper to create around it.

With Christmas and the giving season approaching it is a great gift or addition to any wedding or celebration table.So hope to see you at the next hand made Paper workshop to create.

Practical and fun, this class will is a chance to get creative AND best of all, keep it green by recycling!

What you'll get

  • A fantastic introduction to creative paper making
  • Your own hand-made sheets of paper
  • A tea light cover made by you!

what to bring

  • Wear comfy shoes
  • A sense of adventure to create!


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