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This is an introductory class, you will learn the wonderful technique of impasto (thick) acrylic painting. You will be painting on a canvas using pallet knives, asst’t brushes, and your fingers.

You will learn how to paint an abstract painting, and how to build up your subject using a loose acrylic wash background. You will then be taught how to apply thickened acrylics to create your painting.  This technique is often described as yummy and luscious, because of the thickness of your paint.  The finished painting looks fantastic under a spotlight as all the textures are revealed.

You will have lots of fun in this workshop as Di teaches you her secrets on ‘easy colour mixing’, and how to create different shapes and textures with the varied pallet knives.

The class is suitable for all skill levels, you can be an absolute beginner wanting to plunge into the world of art, or be an experienced painter wanting to try different techniques.

What you'll get

  • My knowledge and expertise tuition for the 3 hour class

  • A 40cm x 40cm painted canvas

  • Impasto Acrylic paints

  • Pallet knives to use

  • Mixing pallet

what to bring

  • Dress in old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy in
  • Optional apron or smock (we also can provide an apron)


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