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Always been curious about the world of film photography and not know when to start? Wondering if its relevant, and why the hell anyone would still shoot film?

Most of us thought vinyl would disappear, but all the digital revolution did was make it very clear: very clear that vinyl offered a different, wonderful listening experience, not only because of the purposeful hands-on connection to the music it gave us, but because of the subtle differences in sound that the medium offered. 

Similarly, photography is going through the same revolution. Film sales are up, and your grandmas camera is just as useful as ever, and shooting film can make you a better, and more deliberate photographer. Not to mention, spend less time at the computer editing!

Attendees will learn the basics of navigating the film world as it is now: where to buy film, where to take it to get developed, differences in film stocks, and what some of the different camera formats can offer you.


What you'll get

The session will include a photo walk around the streets of Fitzroy where you’ll have plenty of time to snap some interesting photos.

At the end of the session we’ll have everyones film sent off to be developed and within days we’ll have the digital images Dropboxed to you. There’ll also be a Facebook group set up where participants can post their favourite shots for peer review.

what to bring

Got a film camera? Bring it along. Some cameras will be provided to play with so everyone will get a turn, but if you have you’re own, we’d love to see it.

If you are unable to provide your own camera please give us a heads up by emailing hayley@work-shop.com.au