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In this hands on workshop you will create your own cyanotype prints on fabric and paper using the traditional chemical solutions, contact printing and stencilling techniques.

The Cyanotype process, discovered in the 1840’s, was one of the earlier types of photography used and creates a Prussian Blue print on paper or fabric. The process involves creating your design, stencil or negative, coating paper with the photosensitive chemical solutions in a dark room, then exposing the paper with the stencil under UV light. It is more widely recognised now for its use to create “blueprints” for architectural or technical drawings from a positive.

You will get to understand basic photography techniques such as positives and negatives in film, the chemical process, how to sensitise your fabric and paper, as well as hands on learning about exposing and toning your prints. There will also be a demonstration on how to create multiple shades and depths in the same print.

What you'll get

All materials for the class.



what to bring

Any designs or drawings you might like to use in your print. Flat objects with interesting outlines  including leaves or sentimental items.


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