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Whether you are new to this  artform or a well- seasoned creative who just wants some well-deserved ‘me’ time, come along and let me provide a safe landing space for you to unwind, have some fun, go with the ‘flow’ and create your own, alcohol ink masterpieces.

In this wonderfully therapeutic workshop you will be introduced to the concept of ‘flow’ art and abstraction using bright and colourful alcohol inks, Yupo paper and alcohol ink accessories.  Here, in a relaxed environment, you will be guided by an experienced art facilitator through a range of exciting,  fun  and easy ‘flow’ techniques, choose and experiment with colour and neutral palettes that intuitively ‘speak’ to you, learn how to embellish your work using symbols and marks that express your unique identity and create originals with a ‘WOW’ factor that you will be proud to frame or use in other art or craft applications.

All materials will be provided and, at the end of the workshop, you will take home 2x small framed original pieces, 1 large unframed work and a folio of multiple art pieces ready for you to apply, (at your own leisure), to your ongoing creative practice at home.

Class sizes will be limited to 10 participants ( min. 6 students) and are suitable for teenagers and adults. No previous experience is necessary.

Products used contain denatured alcohol and 100 percent Isopropyl. Participants who have been or may be affected by these products should consider using a filtered mask. P2 Unisafe disposable masks will be available on the day. Participants may also bring their own masks if desired.

What you'll get

  • 2 framed, original alcohol ink on Yupo artworks of your own ( Frame 1- 8×8”/ Mount 1- 6×6” and Frame 2- 6×8”/Mount 2- 4×6”)
  • 1 large unframed, original alcohol ink on Yupo art work of your own
  • Multiple art pieces in various sizes and Yupo paper weights (100gsm, 200gsm). A small folio to store  work.
  • The ‘in class’ use of a range of coloured alcohol inks/ pens and alcohol ink accessories to produce and complete  artworks.

what to bring

  • • An inquisitive and ‘go with the flow’ mindset
  • A supermarket type bag to carry home your amazing framed pieces!


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