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Participants in this workshop will be able to cut loose and immerse themselves in 4 hours of fun, learning how to apply layers of acrylic and spray paint to produce a colourful, creative and edgy 610mm x 610mm quality canvas artwork to take home. Each participant will be shown how to create a rich and vibrant abstract background on their canvas by building up layers of acrylic paint, whilst paying attention to concept development and colour palette.

Once the background is complete, each person will be shown how to photograph, prepare and cut their own stencils. There will also be a range of stencil template to choose from. Participants will learn how to effectively cut and spray stencils. Different spray paint techniques and blends will be demonstrated to create your own unique design.

To finish everyone will be shown how to attach d-rings, wire and edging onto their artwork, so it’s ready for hanging!

All materials and safety gear will be provided.



What you'll get

• All materials and tools provided for the workshop

• Gloves and masks

• A selection of stencils to cut and keep

• Your 610x610mm canvas artwork created by you

• All hanging materials to finish your piece of art

• Some rad stencil making skills!

what to bring

  • Painting smocks or clothes that can get paint on them.


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