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Our grandmas bottled and preserved seasonal produce out of necessity, but today we do it for less pressing, more fun reasons: to explore creativity in the kitchen, to know exactly what’s in our food, to have tasty pickles and chutneys immediately accessible for a quick meal, and so we can say, “I made them myself!” Also, if you grow your own food, you know that sometimes a harvest results in a surplus. Preserving is the answer.

In this workshop, we’ll cover four types of preserving techniques: bottling, pickling, making jams and chutneys. We’ll also cover sterilising equipment and storage practices to ensure long-lasting and great-tasting jars of food. You’ll participate in every step of the process and will get to take home everything you make. This class includes an afternoon tea with samples of the preserves that your teacher, Maria, has made in her own kitchen. You’ll take home the insights and skills to prepare preserves you’ll relish for months to come.

What you'll get

  • Mixed Berry Jam
  • Middle Eastern inspired veggie pickles
  • Bottled pears and cinnamon
  • Winter Fruit Chutney

what to bring

  • A sturdy bag to take home all your preserved treats!


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