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Introduction to Paper Lithography covers ways to create excellent image transfers from a paper matrix. Paper lithography is a planographic printmaking process, relying on the separation of water and oil and the matrix or printing plate is standard copy paper!  The capabilities of the copy machine will be explored by using drawings, photographs, and sketchbook imagery to create your paper plate. The toner can be released onto paper, wood, smooth fabrics, or metal plates, for starters. Learn how to apply these techniques with an etching press and methods for application by hand.
Please contact instructor regarding any sensitivities to mineral turps, acetone, eucalyptus oil, or xylene, which may be used in small quantities during the workshop.

What you'll get

  • A range of transfer imagery to choose from
  • One on one advise from a highly trained printmaker
  • A folio of prints made by you!


what to bring

  • (Optional) Your own imagery you want to use in your transfer print.  Must be a print out from a toner printer (not inkjet)  ie photocopier, toner printer.
  • Transfer imagery must be A5 size or smaller


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