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For as many as 50,000 years, rural Bengali women have been upcycling their cloth scraps and old saris into much-needed blankets. This is the practice of Kantha (pronounced KAHN-taa), meaning “patched cloth”. Initially passed down as a generational skill, Kantha has developed into a coveted and intricate craft that imparts story, desire, and well-wishes. Elaborate Kantha are made as wedding or baby gifts with stories and wishes interweaved, allowing illiterate women the chance to leave a lasting mark.

Using hand printed block fabric, you will learn to use a running stitch in the traditional Kanthan style to make your very own purse. Under the direction of experienced Kantha embroidery instructor Manjari, you’ll learn the history and best techniques of this ancient Indian textile art. Our culture is trending away from single-use and towards meaningful, well-crafted goods with a low environmental impact, and Kantha perfectly fits the bill. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of this age-old Bengali practice, its history and methods, and an upcycled, sustainable purse to take home.

What you'll get

  • All materials supplied
  • Chai tea
  • Handmade purse made by you!

what to bring

  • Just yourself


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