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Unleash your creativity with henna art in our Intro to Henna Workshop!

Discover the ancient art of henna and learn how to create stunning designs that are as unique as you are. Dive into the rich history of henna and explore the essential techniques needed to master this beautiful craft.

During this “hands-on” class, you’ll receive expert guidance as you practice tracing intricate patterns and crafting your own designs. With plenty of time for hands-on practice, you’ll have the chance to decorate yourself or a friend with beautiful henna tattoos.

Gain an introduction to henna history, mandala creation, tracing techniques, hands-on practice, and post-application care tips to ensure your henna tattoos last as long as possible. Join us for a fun and creative workshop that will leave you adorned with wearable works of art!


What you'll get

  • A Henna cone to create your own creative designs
  • Lemon juice, sugar mixture, & cotton balls, and all the ingredients you need!

what to bring

  • A pair of clean hands
  • Readiness to create amazing henna art!
  • Images of inspiration!


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