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Henna is wearable art… and we want you to wear your art!

In this class, students will learn the basics of the beautiful, ancient art of henna, and will be inspired to create their own unique designs… on themselves!

This very “hands-on” class will teach students about the history of this wonderful art form, and all they need to know about how to use henna cones, and all the materials needed to prolong the life of your henna tattoo.  Students will get plenty of time to practice their skills, before getting the chance to decorate themselves!


What you'll get

  • A Henna cone to create your own creative designs
  • Lemon juice, sugar mixture, & cotton balls, and all the ingredients you need!

what to bring

  • A pair of clean hands
  • Readiness to create amazing henna art!
  • Images of inspiration!


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